SKYWATER® Technologies Trading

Advanced Air-to-Water Technology®

Island Sky® Corporation ( from the USA has developed a patented process for transferring water vapor (atmospheric humidity) into potable water, and markets its water-making-machines internationally across diverse industries. The Company’s Skywater® brand, atmospheric water machines, provide fresh water in remote areas and areas with drought and contamination.

Through its offices in Dubai (UAE) and Luanda (Angola), CABSHIP is right on your doorsteps as distributor of the full range of Skywater Technology®
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Equipment Trading Solutions

Our trading team focuses in developing complete sourcing, delivery and import solutions to meet our Customers’ needs to supply their retailers and distribution warehouses with prime focus in Africa.
In a fast evolving environment where regulatory landscape ever changes, where security and quality are uncompromised daily challenges, our team of experts develop cost effective tailor made solutions for our Customers.
Our differentiator is to always challenge our expertise, get that extra focus on our Customers products, shall it be standard products or new technologies; we keep on monitoring and studying the markets we deliver into, allowing the trade challenges to be addressed as early as possible in the trade chain.

We primarily focus on
• Equipment and Spares to meet our project customers’ requirement
• New technologies in energy and water supply and minerals related fields, shipping and transport logistics
• Agricultural equipment and e-farming
• Critical seasonal products and required goods to serve the Communities we are developing into

With our expertise, effective door to door solutions shall be designed and delivered to meet your requirements.